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All the motivation and guidance you need

With Trainiac by Gympass you get a dedicate coach who designs a plan that fits your unique lifestyle and personal fitness goals.

Receive weekly workouts to do at home, at the gym or outdoors, that include instructional videos to walk you through every exercise.

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  • Create your account on this page and download Trainiac by Gympass on the App Store.
  • Complete your intake! Tell us a little bit about yourself and we'll propose a set of trainers for you to work with.
  • Pick a trainer who's personality speaks to you! Your trainer will be your dedicated 1-on-1 coach.
  • Schedule an intro call. The more your trainer knows the better - prepare your workout space(s), and prepare your mind!
  • Get a weekly custom plan for your goal and level! Your plan will ensure a balance of strength, cardio, and mobility across all your fitness activities.

A trainer to call your own

No matter your focus, fitness level, or unique needs ... there's a trainer for you! Count on more than 60 experts and 20 specialties to choose from.

For those with a busy schedule
Trainiac has been great for me because with my work and kids schedule I just don't have the kind of routine where I can plan when I'm gonna work out or make it to the gym.
Ellen, New York
For those seeking motivation
My trainer has been so proactive and responsive...It's been great to have that accountability.
Kyle, Salt Lake City
For multi-sport enthusiasts
My trainer does an amazing job of balancing what I want to accomplish with the other workouts that I'm already doing, like running, cycling, and Pilates. She is able to let me keep the routine that I like while also adding to it, helping me build strength.
Nikki, New York
For expecting moms
As an expecting mom, it is important for me to keep my strength and fitness during pregnancy. Trainiac has been an amazing solution for this. It brings me such peace of mind to know that I am getting a challenging workout that is completely safe for me and my little one.
Nicole, New York

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Get paired with the best personal trainer for you
Receive a unique and tailored fitness plan.
Any-time coaching and feedback via video, text, and audio messaging.
Track your progress and workout stats in a single hub.
Weekly workouts on your own time and in your own place.
Instructional HD videos to walk you through every exercise.